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Tripfreakz is here to take you to the most curious, mysterious and weird off the beaten path destinations around the world. Whatever place you may travel to, there is always something new to discover - secrets of ancient ruins, weird traditions, curious tribes, eerie and dark corners of the world, unusual museums and collections, beautiful natural wonders, relics of the days long gone, odd architecture, fascinating modern inventions, and science puzzles. We believe in perpetual exploration of the world around us, for with each travel you gain a new piece of knowledge and develop compassion for humanity, endlessly expanding your Self.

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The mummies of Dr. Knoche

August Gottfried Knoche was a German doctor who invented a mysterious mummification elixir and when he knew he would be dead soon, had his nurse inject him with it to become a mummy himself. To this…

Salinas Grandes

the Great Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes in northern Argentina. Located 170m above sea level at the foot of the Sierras de Córdoba Mountain range, the salt flats cover 12,000 hectares.
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Khor Virap Monastery and the pit of Grigor the Illuminator

Khor Virap in Armenia is a holy site, where Saint Gregory the Illuminator spent imprisoned for 13 years. It stands before the Mount Ararat, which was the place of Noah's ark landing. Besides the…

Villa Epecuen - the place consumed by mother nature

If you want to see some South American apocalyptic scenery, Villa Epecuen is your destination. A thriving resort in the past, it was consumed by the salty waters of the nearby lake in 1985 and…

Bunkers of Albania

Albania is a land where bunkers can be found everywhere, and nowadays they are transformed into all kinds of things - cafes, restaurants, wine cellars and what not. All those bunkers owe their…

Museum of Death

Siriraj Medical Museum, or the Museum of Death has a variety of exhibits on all kinds of morbid topics - pathology, parasitology, forensics, and what not. It is a must see for the ones who have a…
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San Marino Torture museum

San Marino Torture museum has more than a hundred instruments and torture devices, and tells you interesting stories about the castle's prisoners, like Count Cagliostro.

Pokaini forest

The mystery of Pokaini forest in Latvia still remains unsolved - some claim it to be a pagan sanctuary, some call it the "death spot", but the fact remains that there is some strange energy coming out…

Mythical Museum Ramón Elías - the collection of Guarani creatures

Mythical Museum Ramón Elías in Capiata, Paraguay, is a truly unique experience of ancient Guarani folklore. The museum exhibits figures of all kinds of evil and good mythological creatures to…