Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire - Zurich

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 16:41:14

If you are visiting Zurich and looking for a different type of a Swiss museum – Cabaret Voltaire is for you.

Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire – the place in Zurich where dada movement was founded in 1916 by Hugo Ball. This art museum in Zurich has a collection of weird dada-style objects, a shop and a Duda bar on the second floor, decorated accordingly. Entry to the bar is free, and it's open Tuesday through Saturday until midnight.

The Dada art movement was a “protest against the madness of the times”, and involved musicians, painters, writers, poets and dancers who gathered in Cabaret Voltaire and protested with their art against the propaganda of World War I. Dada rejected idealistic values of capitalists and nationalists, and tried to create the most anti-aesthetic, anti-rational and anti-idealistic art. After the war, Dada movement practiced a Surrealist mode. Some of the artists involved in the movement were René Magritte, Man Ray, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí.

Cabaret Voltaire closed for repair in 2002 and then reopened in 2004. The place has exhibitions, hosts events and offers a specialized library. If you are a dada/surrealism admirer visiting Zurich, you will especially enjoy staying at the hotel Limmatblick, where the rooms are decorated in Dada style.

Gallery: Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire - a Swiss art museum in Zurich

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