Devil's Swimming Pool in Zambia

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Posted on Wed, Apr 08 2015 13:20:10

devil's swimming poolDevil's Swimming Pool is a natural pool formed by the rocks at the edge of Victoria Falls, which attracts the ones who like adrenaline high. This is the highest and most dangerous infinity pool, located in Zambia, at the precipice of Victoria Falls.

The pool is formed by a rock barrier due to thousands of years of erosion, right at the edge of the falls. During the dry season (May to October) the pool is sufficiently shallow so people can swim in it without the risk of falling from a height of 128 meters. The uniqueness of the pool is the rock ledge right on the lip of the Falls, which prevents you from getting swept over the edge by the force of the raging water. About 500 million liters of water per minute cascade down the falls with a deafening explosion of spray at the bottom. Because of the noise, the locals call this place Mosi-oa-Tunya, or The Smoke that Thunders. The extreme bathers are usually accompanied by experienced guides who help them enter the pool and even hold the feet of those who want to experience how it feels to be suspended above the dizzying heights and admire rainbows in the waterfall. However, a small amount of lethal accidents happened, when some people got swept over the edge.

If you are brave enough to take a dip in the Devil's Pool, you have to swim upstream in a slow current with a safety rope tied around you. Then you climb out on a rocky formation that is right next to the edge of the Falls, and you can enter the Pool from there. Once in the pool, you can lie on the rock barrier and look right into the chasm of the Falls. The terrifying aspect of taking the Devil's swim is quite high for the first-time visitors, because you can not see the barrier unless you are already in the pool.

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