Museum of Yogurt in Studen Izvor

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Posted on Wed, Nov 26 2014 20:39:22

Yogurt MuseumBulgarian Yogurt Museum – The Museum of Kiselo Mlyako - is located in Studen Izvor village, municipality of Tran. This one of a kind museum opened in June 2007. It tells the story about the most famous Bulgarian symbol - yogurt. The main part of the museum is dedicated  to the doctor Stamen Grigorov, who discovered a bacteria called Lactobacterium Bulgaricum, which  causes "souring" of fresh milk, and gives it a special taste.

Visitors can learn interesting details about the process of milk fermentation, which produces the famous yogurt taste. The first floor of the Museum of Yogurt has an exposition dedicated to various interesting items used for the preparation and storage of yogurt and other dairy products at home. For example, "rukatka" is a clay pot with a handle that is used to transport milk. Another interesting container is "buchkata", to churn oil.  On the ground floor there is an exhibition of female folk costumes of the area and a variety of household objects era of the nineteenth century.

The second floor has various objects and machine models that demonstrate the industrial production of yogurt. Each  model has illustrated milk production steps on it and you can trace each step of yogurt profuction until it gets into your kitchen.

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