Rakvere castle in Estonia

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Posted on Fri, May 15 2015 17:38:06

rakvere castleLet’s take a virtual stroll to a must see destination for lovers of spine-chilling stories. Whether you are into vampires or a gothic horror novels admirer, you will certainly love this one. Get ready for a ghastly history narration from the heart of Estonia.

The perfect setting for this tale, Rakvere Castle in Estonia, was founded as early as 13th century, when Danish knights erected a magnificent castle atop ancient strongholds. Given its long history, the ghastly building of the castle with its long dark passages and sculptures and paintings that make you wonder what is hiding out there in the shadows, has been home to its medieval owners for quite a while. They marked  the darkest page in the history of Rakvere Castle.

The castle inn or the archery room might grasp your attention, but this story is about the torture room hidden under the foundations of the castle. In case this sounds too unpleasant to you, do not fret  - you won’t see any actual tortures happening in the modern-day castle (unless you are not a history lover and exploring this historic location will be torturous for you). What the torture rooms in Rakvere castle really are about is the reflection of medieval folk's fears and mythological beliefs. All in all, the torture room exposition is a must see for those who love to see a good horror show, but you might want to abstain from visiting this part of the castle if you are too sensitive to frightful scenes.

The underground exposition is divided in three parts that represent what medieval Estonians were most afraid of -  torture, death and hell. A visit to the place with a tour guide will not just let you examine the torture instruments of the Middle Ages, but let you become more familiar with the history behind the Inquisition and the witches of the old days. Various skeletons that will do their best to surprise you and medieval machines recreated to represent the ancient designs as detailed as possible will satisfy both history lovers and those looking for creepy atmosphere. Truly amazing and breathtaking special effects and the natural look of the exhibits will definitely make the  Rakvere Castle experience unforgettable.

Moreover, you get to check out the “Hell”section, which, quite metaphorically, is a maze. Don’t be scared - you will definitely get out, furthermore, you will do that by climbing the Stairway to Heaven.

It could be various reasons that make you visit Rakvere Castle in Estonia, but one thing that unites sits diverse visitors is the atmosphere of the olden days, where you can leave the hustle of modern civilization behind and take a glimpse at the deepest, albeit darkest, emotions of those who lived centuries before us.

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