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Victor Hugo's house-museum

In 1871, Victor Hugo moved to Vianden, where he underwent his first tooth extraction, put out a fire and had a love affair with an 18 year old girl. His house was converted into a museum, and it's a…
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Museum of Enduring Beauty

The Museum of Enduring Beauty in Malacca, Malaysia, shows different interpretations of beauty across cultures of the world - scarification, teeth filling, neck and lip stretching, head molding, foot…

Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam tells the visitors about the 8000 year history of cannabis and its use, displaying various types of products made out of hemp and cannabis oil, a…

Das Kartoffelmuseum - Potato Museum, Munich

Curious about potatoes? The Potato museum in Munich is the only museum in the reveals the history of the potato in culture and art to its fullest.
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Hungarian Vác mummies

265 mummies were accidentally discovered during the renovation of the Dominican church of the town Vác in Hungary. Due to the microclimate of the underground vaults, dead bodies got exceptionally…

The birthplace and museum of Stalin in Gori

Gori, Georgia, is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, where you can visit the house of the leader, see an extensive collection of personal photos, documents, belongings and gifts, and have a look inside…
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Alchemy museum in Kutna Hora

In the Middle Ages Kutna Hora, Bohemia (Czech rep.), was a popular place crowded by alchemists. The Emperor Rudolf II and wealthy citizens of the place were big fans of the occult science and donated…

Tesla's birthplace museum in Smiljan

Smiljan, Croatia, is the birthplace of the genius Nicola Tesla, where you can visit his family's homestead, learn about Tesla's early years, and see many amazing hands-on exhibits.
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Beijing Tap Water Museum

Beijing Tap Water Museum tells the history of water supply development from 1908 to this day. In the waning days of Qing Dynasty, the landlocked city had to rely on wells and rivers to get water,…
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