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Cricova Wine Cellars - the largest natural wine storage in the world

Cricova wine cellars in Moldova are the biggest natural wine storage in the world - the visitors can enjoy tasting various wines and marvel at the underground themed wine-tasting complexes.

The Automata museum of Jaquet-Droz

Jaquet-Droz automata are said to be the predecessors of the modern computers. These 18th century automated dolls are an amazing display of Swiss mastery and precision.
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Musée des Vampires - Vampire museum in Paris

The owner of Musée des Vampires, Jacques Sirgent can tell you many stories of dark past of Paris, vampiric rituals and current superstitions. The museum has more than a 1000 amazing exhibits and is…

Nicolaus Copernicus house in Torun

Nicolaus Copernicus was the first astronomer to develop a theory of the universe with the sun at its center. You can learn about his discovery process and see his workshop in Torun, Poland, where he…
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The KGB museum in Tallinn

During the Soviet era, hotel Viru in Tallinn had a secret floor with KGB agents surveilling the hotel's visitors. Nowadays, it is a museum, where you can see their top secret equipment and hear…

Museum of broken relationships in Zagreb

Museum of broken relationships in Zagreb is a place that exhibits memories and things that became symbols of post-break up suffering. Brokenhearted visitors say that the museum makes them feel much…
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The invaluable Timbuktu manuscripts

The manuscripts of Timbuktu, Mali, bear an invaluable evidence of the African cultural and religious center, which existed 500 years ago. 700,000 manuscripts which contain writings on the subjects of…
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