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Muktagacha Rajbari - the crumbling palace of Bangladesh

Muktagacha Rajbari is a crumbling palace in Bangladesh that looks like a scene straight out of the Jungle Book - the ruins are magnificent in their decay, being slowly eaten up by the surrounding…
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Chilean Magic Mountain hotel

Montaña Mágica Lodge hotel, or The Magic Mountain in Chile is an amazing place for nature lovers. The hotel is fused with nature in its look and function, looking like a giant mountain with…

The prehistoric valley in Baconao park

National Park Baconao in Cuba is primarily dedicated to the revolution, however, it manages to blend in a bunch of real-sized dinosaurs, flora, fauna and car museum. To add to the weirdness of this…

Qasr al-Haj, the gem of Berber architecture

Qasr al-Haj is one of the outstanding examples of Berber architecture in Libya. This circular construction was built during the medieval period and served both as a granary and a fortress.
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