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Niansogoni troglodyte village

Niansogoni is a remote troglodyte village in Burkina Faso, close to the border with Mali. It is quite hard to get there, but the view is worth it. The village, now abandoned, is a fascinating…

Juju hats - the origins and the fashion craze

Cameroonian Juju hats became an unseparable part of house decor for many, while they used to be worn only by selected members of Bamileke tribes during rituals and ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

Endocannibals of Yanomami tribe

Yanomami is an endocannibalistic tribe living in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela - they eat the flesh of their dead relative to preserve the tribe's unity. Not being eaten after your death…

The Great Dance of the terrifying Nyau

Nyaus of Malawi hide in the cemeteries, wear scary masks, act like wild animals and can kill people while possessed by an evil spirit. They dance at the funerals and initiations, and their dance is…

Himba - the most fashionable tribe in Africa

Himba tribe, which lives on the shores of Kunene river in Angola and northern Namibia, is considered the most fashionable in Africa, and through the years Himba women became an iconic image for the…
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Rites of the dead of Tana Toraja

Torajan rites of the dead are one of the most elaborate funeral ceremonies in the world. They involve creating a Tau Tau effigy of the deceased, which is placed above the burial site, and a…

The cargo cult of John Frum and false prophet Fred in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu cargo cult of John Frum worships cargo as spiritual gifts and idolizes John Frum - an unknown American soldier, who promised to bring goodies for the tribes and never returned.

The sacred drums of Burundi

The drums in Burundi are sacred objects stored in sanctuaries since the ancient days - in order to create a drum and to play it, one has to follow certain rituals and traditions passed down through…
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The mudmen of Asaro tribe

The Mudmen of Asaro live outside the village of Goroka in Papua New Guinea and have a bizarre tradition of wearing terrifying mud/clay helmets and trying to look like monsters to ward off the enemy.
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