The Blue Desert

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Posted on Fri, Dec 12 2014 13:29:46

blue desertDesert is, of course, one of the main attractions of Egypt, featuring endless sands and dunes under the scorching sun. If looking at the sea of sand becomes tiresome,  there is one unusual desert area in Sinai – the Blue Desert.

The Blue Desert is not a result of any natural wonder – it was created by human hands. In 1980, after the groundbreaking Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement, the artist Jean Verame received a permission from the Egyptian government to create a monument in memory of the peace treaty signing. The artist painted several boulders in the desert in a bright blue color, symbolizing peace.

To paint the desert, it took 10 tons of paint, which was provided by the UN.  Today, near Mt. Sinai, where battles used to take place, giant blue boulders lay in peace. If you want to see this unusual monument, be sure to take a guide, because finding those boulders in the vast desert is not that easy.

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