The House of Mirrors

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Posted on Fri, Nov 07 2014 11:09:52

In the suburbs of Qadisiya you will find a miniature museum, where every detail is carefully made out of thousands of damaged mirrors  – The House of Mirrors. A painter, sculptor and jeweller, Lidia al-Quattan, created her first mirror artwork when her husband, the Kuwaiti artist, Khalifa al-Quattan, went abroad for his art exhibition – she decided to decorate a cabinet he completed prior to his departure.

After many years, the House of Mirrors was created. The walls, windows, ceiling, passages, doors and the furniture is covered with pieces of mirrors.  It took 77 tons of mirrors and 102 tons of white cement to create this extraordinary work of art. Each room has a name, for example, the kitchen is called “My World Hall” and features designs dedicated to science; the living room is “Planet Earth Hall”, which is a nature-inspired design. Then there is the “Zodiac Hall” - the bedroom, which is covered with galaxies, planets and zodiac signs; the “Shark Hall”, the “Knowledge Hall”, the “Universe Hall” and the “Stairs to Inspiration”, which lead to the separate art galleries for both Lidia's and her late husband's work. Besides that, there is an art therapy chamber with dimmed lights and glowing art, where you can sit and relax.

 It is a truly mesmerizing journey into the world of mirror art, and a place not to be missed. Since this is a lived-in building, don't forget to bring a small gift when you visit.

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