Vintage wood-carved hearses, Argentina

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 13:29:58

Fernando Aguerra discovered these fantastic wood-carved, vintage funeral Cadillac exploring an old barn in Argentina. He found a hearse and a flower car among the other funeral vehicles in the barn. Originally these were four-door sedans of the 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special, each with a 133-inch wheelbase and V8 engines. Hermida y Nazzi,  a little-known Argentinian coachbuilder converted them into  hearses, however the name of the aster who did the wood carving remains unknown. It seems that the source of the inspiration for this design was the horse-drawn carriages, that were also found in the vicinity of the barn. The cars are hand-carved with complex patterns.

Aguerra was amazed by what he saw and knew that he had to have these hearses. He cleaned the cars and saw that they weren't damaged that badly – after all, a funeral car has a quieter life than the other vehicles. He is living in California now an is restoring the cars in order to exhibit them later. First he restored the flower car, and now he is collaborating with a body-shop owner, who restores furniture as a hobby.

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