Wanda Mines, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 15:11:14

​Wanda mines with its variety of semi-precious stones are a popular tourist site, attracting hundreds of tourists every day from around the world. The mines are located 40 kilometers south of the city of Puerto Iguazu in the picturesque countryside.

These mines were named in honor of the Polish princess Wanda. Most citizens of Puerto Iguazu are of Polish origin as well. The deposits of the semi-precious stones were discovered in 1976, and since then the mines became a must-visit place for all. Minerals such as topaz, quartz, agate, rock crystal, and others are being mined there and are used for making jewelry. The samples of stones can also be seen in the same place, at the Museum of Stones. Visitors can also observe the process of mining, and wonder at the variety of colors and shapes the mines produce. Next to the  mines there is a gift shop, where you can buy jewelry, and a kiosk as well.

Guides and locals say that a visit to the mine fills one with positive energy, which permeates the place, surrounded by natural sources.

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