Álfaskólinn - Icelandic Elf school, Reykjavik

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 11:18:22

There are many interesting things in Iceland: geothermal springs, glaciers, volcanoes, and 13 types of elves. For example, Hafnarfjörður city is proud to be the elven capital. Thirteen species of elves, four types of gnomes, two typer of trolls, fairies and "blue men" live there.

In Reykjavik there is a school dedicated to Elf studies, called Álfaskólinn. You can obtain complete information on all 13 types of elves in Álfaskólinn. There is a set of books describing these fabulous creatures in details, and there are posters with nude elves in the classrooms - the students should know what they look like if they accidentally meet with them in the wild.

Besides the elf anatomy, the Elf school teaches peculiarities of behavior of other supernatural creatures - fairies, trolls, dwarves and gnomes. But the main focus is, of course, elves, because there are many witnesses of their appearance. In the end of the course, students receive a diploma.

Curious travelers can enjoy a five-hour tour of the hidden elves' habitats. The tour usually ends in a cozy cafe with coffee and cakes in the company of the school's headmaster, Mr. Magnus Skarphedinsson.


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