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The mysterious ancient city of Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe was built in the 12th century for unknown reasons, and was abandoned for the unknown reasons as well. There are many mysteries surrounding these amazing ruins that were built by people…

The gigantic rooster in Darahoa, Vietnam

Darahoa village has a giant concrete rooster standing in the middle, providing water for the entire village and symbolizing love and harmony between K'Ho and Chill people.

Trovants - the living rocks of Romania

Trovants of Costesti might as well be an unknown inorganic form of life - these rocks grow when exposed to water, and multiply similarly to an unicellular organism.

The Singing Mountain in Kazakhstan

Singing sands have been a cause of folk superstitions for a long time. The singing dune in Kazakhstan is believed to contain either the bones of Genghis Khan or Satan himself.

Owakudani - the valley of the black eggs

The black eggs of Owakudani valley are much yummier than the regular eggs - after all, they were cooked in the sulphurous springs of the Great Hell!

The KGB museum in Tallinn

During the Soviet era, hotel Viru in Tallinn had a secret floor with KGB agents surveilling the hotel's visitors. Nowadays, it is a museum, where you can see their top secret equipment and hear…

Nicolaus Copernicus house in Torun

Nicolaus Copernicus was the first astronomer to develop a theory of the universe with the sun at its center. You can learn about his discovery process and see his workshop in Torun, Poland, where he…
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The domesticated crocodiles of Paga

Paga village locals managed to domesticate crocodiles - they live and bathe side by side, and not one villager (or a croc) has ever been harmed! In fact, the souls of deceased locals are said to live…

Gornja Lastva - the abandoned village in Montenegro

Gornja Lastva is an abandoned village in Montenegro, near Tivat, that has a magical atmosphere and a lot to explore. You can even rent a villa in this ghost village and enjoy the amazing view to the…
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