Off the beaten path: Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two Caribbean paradise islands plus a tiny uninhabited Redonda, famous for their beach resorts and sailing regatas. Although the place is quite touristy and not that big, there are some curious places to visit and things to do for the off the beaten path travelers. You can visit the glorious Redonda and proclaim yourself king, try to eat some Widdy Widdy, a weird Antiguan Black Pineapple or fungie, meet the Man-o'-War bird and other animals in the National park and enjoy some excellent hiking paths.

Redonda - the glorious kingdom with too many kings

Redonda is a tiny uninhabited island, belonging to Antigua and Barbuda, is hotly contested by the numerous pretenders to the throne. The island is practically inaccessible and its only natural…
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