Off the beaten path: Cambodia

Cambodia, the once mighty Khmer Empire and home to the iconic temple Angkor Wat, has suffered a lot of invasions and horrors of war, started getting on its feet in 1993. Since the country has been shrouded for the world for many years, there are many interesting places to explore for those who like off the beaten path destinations. You can try all kinds of unusual and weird food, like tarantula kebabs, see fascinating ancient ruins, watch Khmer traditional wrestling, visit Pangolin sanctuary, ponder on the mystery of Ta Prohm dinosaur carved into the wall - there are plenty places to see and things to do off the beaten track.

Ta Prohm temple - the Nature vs. Man battle

Ta Prohm temple shows how the nature will win over man and conceal all man-made structures after mankind is gone.

The disappearing Bamboo trains of Cambodia

A bamboo train, or a norry in Khmer, is an improvised Cambodian rail vehicle, which can be assembled in 10 minutes. The roads in Cambodia were in a terrible state for ages, train services were…