Off the beaten path: Libya

Libya, the land initially inhabited by Berbers, which used to be a country with free education and healthcare is, unfortunately, in a state of conflict these days,and traveling to this destination should be avoided until it settles. The interesting places to visit for the ones who love to travel off the beaten path are some weird shaped mosques, like Atiq, Roman ruins, unusual Berber fortress/granary Qasr al-Haj, Acacus mountains, and more.

Qasr al-Haj, the gem of Berber architecture

Qasr al-Haj is one of the outstanding examples of Berber architecture in Libya. This circular construction was built during the medieval period and served both as a granary and a fortress.
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The oldest mosque

Atiq Mosque in Awjila, Libya, is the oldest mosque in Sahara, with unusual conical domes built out of mud-brick and limestone. Atiq mosque used to welcome caravans and pilgrims for hundreds of years.