Off the beaten path: Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation with 521 languages in the country, the land with the richest pastors in the entire world and 100 million destitute citizens, the oldest location of human existence, the country that has its own Hollywood - Nollywood, is an extremely colorful destination to visit (when the situation in the country allows) and a true gem for the off the beaten path travelers. The plentitude of masquerades and weird ethnic traditions, atiliogwu dancers, the slavery monuments, forest reserves, lots of hiking possibilities - all this is worth seeing and participating in, either by exercising caution or when the situation in the country becomes less dangerous.

Makoko floating school

Makoko floating school is an amazing design by KunlĂ© Adeyemi, which provides educational facilities for the communities living in the flooded areas of Africa. Every day, the children of Lagos head…