Off the beaten path: Pakistan

Pakistan, the country with the highest mountain ranges, with the largest fortress in the world (Ranikot Fort), where 80% of the world's footballs are made, where the favorite drink is black tea with milk, has many interesting off the beaten path destinations to offer - the second largest salt mine in the world, lots of impressive architecture, large glaciers, beautiful wild mountain areas, some amazing and unusual mosques, a city devoted to illegal gun production, and much more.

The salt mines of Khewra

Khewra salt mine in Pakistan was discovered by Alexander the Great's horse, and the mining has been going on since then. This is the second largest salt mine in the world, which takes pride in their…

Kalash people

Kalash are indigenous people living in the Chitral District of Pakistan, right next to Afghanistan border. This unique tribe managed to preserve their Indo-European roots and pagan traditions right in…
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