Götan Maailma - the shop of vintage oddities

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Posted on Sat, Nov 08 2014 13:13:22

Götan Maailma is a shop of Thomas Hamberg in Helsinki. The shop is named after the owner's dad's aunt, Göta, and means Göta's world. According to Thomas Hamberg's interview with Atlas Obscura, Göta was a very charismatic, bohemian and a superstitious person, so her room was filled with a variety of odd things. 

The place is full of strange antique things, and the visitors are allowed to touch and examine each and every one of them. The shop was opened in 2011. When Thomas was 10 years old, he started collecting bones and natural curiosities, and now he puts them  on display in his shop. He buys things from auction and flea markets around Europe's off the beaten path destinations.

There are things like Eskimo woman's coat with seal blood sprayed on it, mourning hair art, stuffed animals with paper party hats, various skulls, old portraits and photos, strange tools and housewares, religious artifacts, and many other strange things inexplicably covered in peanut shells. The place doesn't just have all the things on the shelves, like regular shops - Thomas alters and carefully arranges the objects on display, creating unique works of art, so the entire place looks like a strange fantasy cabinet, as if it is a lifelong collection of a natural scientist who lost his mind.

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