Grenada Dove sanctuary

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Posted on Sat, Aug 08 2015 20:24:42

grenada doveMt. Hartman Grenada Dove sanctuary is located in the vicinity of St.George's. Grenada dove is endemic to the island and is critically endangered bird species. It is also known as the “invisible bird”, because so little is known about them.

Grenada Dove is the island's National Bird, depicted on the local banknotes. You will be very lucky to hear the dove's interesting singing or seeing one of them – these birds are very elusive. The doves like to walk on the ground in search of food, while they nest in the trees.

Mt.Hartman has an area of 154 acres of the island's remaining forested areas, where half of the dove population lives. It has a particularly dry forest ecosystem due to the low amount of rainfall. Guides in the visitor center can accompany you on the park's trails and help you find the invisible Grenada Dove.

The population of Grenada doves is shrinking day by day due to human destruction activities, hurricanes, predatory cats and monkeys. In 1996 the Grenada Government in cooperation with the World Bank set up two reserve zones to preserve the dove – the Woodford Estates in the west of the island and a sanctuary within the Mount Hartman estate in the south. In 2006, the Government decided to sell a part of Mt.Hartman Estate for development of a tourist resort, which caused  many protests from BirdLife International and other organizations. In the end of negotiations, the plan for resort was reduced and a “win-win” situation was, supposedly, achieved. In 2011 the population of the doves was estimated at less than 100 individuals.

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