Grottenbahn - the dragon train into the world of gnomes

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Posted on Fri, Nov 07 2014 15:56:57

Grottenbahn s a unique underground amusement park, an isolated world that lives its own magic life. The place is one of the main tourist attractions in Linz, advertised as a nostalgic ride for the adults. The park was opened in 1906 and is still popular with both children and adults. The cave train takes you on a trip into a world of dwarves and dragons – you can see the gnomes and dwarves fishing, interacting with giant insects and doing all kinds of things. Besides that, you can see some antique taxidermy objects. The lighting in the cave is quite amazing, and in the end of the trip you can see the dragon head, which is also the head of the train, snorting steam.

Grottenbahn is located on Mount Pestling in the tower of an old fort. You can also pay a visit to Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty in a coffin, Hansel and Gretel, as well as other fairy tale characters. Moreover, the park has a miniature model of the Linz area from a century ago on a scale of one to seven. 

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