Ice Cave and Cave of Liberty in Slovakia

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Posted on Sat, Apr 11 2015 13:59:00

demenovska ice caveSlovakia is a true joy for speleologists and lovers of all things underground - there are about 6,200 caves spread around the country. The most interesting ones are situated in Tatras, Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise and in Big Fatra. Here you can find more than a thousand karst attractions and feel the breath of the netherworld. Some of these realms of peace and quiet have open access for travelers, among which is one the biggest ice caves in Slovakia – Demänovská (Demanovska) cave.

The entrance to Demänovská  Ice Cave is located on the Basta cliff, on the north side of the Low Tatras. The cave is unique because of its permanent ice, strange and majestic forms of underground spaces, rare cave fauna and rich history.

Demänovská  Ice Cave is actually a cave complex with various caves, of which only two are accessible for tourists. The most beautiful and longest cave  (about 6.5 km long) is the Cave of Liberty. The inside of the cave has interesting subtle shapes and limestone growths of various colors,  from pink to white and terracotta. In the hall, called the "great temple", there is a beautiful Pearl Lake, decorated with huge stone "pearls". Legend has it that if a woman bathes in the waters of the Pearl Lake, she will come out looking ten years younger, however the enthusiasts to perform this experiment are yet to be found. In the Pink Hall of the cave you can admire Lenkovskoe lake, with stone lilies “floating” on its surface.  

In the lower parts of the cave there you can see beautiful ice formations in the form of pillars, stalactites and stalagmites. They are the most beautiful in the spring, when water from melting snow seeps into the cave and freezes, forming magnificent stone waterfalls and icy floors. Demänovská  Ice Cave beauty and atmosphere are breathtaking.

In the 18th century he cave used to be called the Dragon's Cave, because people found massive bones in it and believed it was the dwelling of a dragon. Later it turned out  that the bones belonged to a cave bear, who went extinct 15,000 years ago. Although the bear is already extinct, the cave houses 10 species of bats.

It is recommended to have warm clothes with you before going into the depths of the cave – in the lower parts of the complex the temperature drops below zero.

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