Niansogoni troglodyte village

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Posted on Thu, Jan 01 2015 17:21:34

niansogoniNiansogoni is an ancient remote Troglodyte village, located 40km from Sindou, the capital of the province of Leraba, close to the border with Mali, right next to Niansoroni village. This is an amazing site of troglodyte boxlike dwellings against the cliffs, where the Wara-wara people took refuge from Senoufo tribes. To get there, you need to be brave and do a bit of steep climbing with the help of a guide from the village, but the view is well worth it.

Niansogoni means “between the hills” and is, indeed, quite difficult to reach. It is a fascinating collection of cave dwellings built into the hill which looms over the village. The troglodyte village was started by ten families and run by Wara (meaning “Panthers”) people up till 1980, when the last inhabitants decided to settle in the lowlands. The elders, who now live in the valley, still remember their life among the caves. The buildings are well preserved, and you can enjoy learning about the troglodyte life by examining oval-shaped granaries, clay containers for fetishes and masks, jars and various tools.

North of Niansogoni there are the remains of the troglodyte villages of Outourou, Nequeni and Faon. Visiting these places is an excellent introduction to Sama and Wara peoples' culture.

You can lodge in one of the round houses in the camp close to the site, which is run by the sons of the families who used to live in the caves.

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