There are 18 off the beaten path places tagged black magic:

The Great Dance of the terrifying Nyau

Nyaus of Malawi hide in the cemeteries, wear scary masks, act like wild animals and can kill people while possessed by an evil spirit. They dance at the funerals and initiations, and their dance is…

Lysa Hora - the myths and legends of the evil Bald Mountain, Kyiv

Lysa Hora - the Bald, or Barren Mountain, is a place where all kinds of blasphemy, desecration and executions happened through the ages. The mount has a very rich history and is considered to have…

The biggest Voodoo market in the world - Akodessewa, Togo

Akodessewa market in Togo is a place not to miss - this is the largest Voodoo market in the world, and if you have some ailment, there will always be some ground dead animal to cure your disease.

Uma lulik - the sacred animist houses in East Timor

The traditional and esoteric knowledge of Lulik in Timor Leste has been practically lost or kept secret due to the historic events and society changes. However, it is still possible to see the remains…
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Walumbe pits of death in Uganda

Walumbe, or Tanda pits' origin and purpose remains unknown - according to the legend, this is where the bringer of suffering and disease was hiding from his brother, who tried to bring him back to…


Want to make a pair of Necropants for yourself to attract luck and money? The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik has a DIY guide on how to make your own pair.

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum, Spain

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum is the place to learn about witchcraft, sorcery and black magic in Spain - you can learn to perform magic rituals and make potions as well.

Witch market in Lima, Peru

If you are not squeamish and into folklore/shamans/black or white magic, the Mercado de Brujas in Lima is the place to go. You can see a variety of potions and really strange ingredients for sale.

The Hill of Witches in JuodkrantÄ—

Raganu Kalnas, or the Hill of Witches used to be a place of ancient pagan worship and witches' Sabbaths back in the day. Now it is decorated with wooden sculptures in memory of the past.
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