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Cave aux Moines - the restaurant in a mushroom cave

Cave aux Moines is one of the mushroom caves along the banks of Loire, where you can learn about troglodyte life, see how mushrooms are cultivated, and try exquisite mushroom delicacies with Loire…
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The mysterious virus-spreading Kitum Cave

Kitum cave was full of mysteries since the old days - first thought to be the place of the ancient Egyptian mining, then a place of mysterious animal disappearances, and now an evil virus spreader.

Huliba - the Tunnel of Love cave in Aruba

Huliba cave in Aruba's Arikok National park is nicknamed Tunnel of Love due to its heart-shaped corridor entrance. The locals love to tell the legend of the angry chief killing his disobedient…

Beit Guvrin - Maresha National park, Israel

Beit Guvrin National Park is located in the hills 400 meters above sea level and is composed of Cretaceous (chalk) rocks. The park occupies a huge area of 1300 acres of land. Beit Guvrin is an entire…

Krubera-Voronya, the deepest cave in the world

Krubera-Voronya, or the Raven cave in Abkhazia is the deepest cave on Earth, parts of which still remain unexplored and might go even deeper. Next to the cave there is the shortest river on earth,…

Pindaya - the cave of 9,000 Buddhas

Pindaya cave in Myanmar is cramped with various statues of Buddhas up to the ceiling - by now it has about 9000. This is an important place of pilgrimage for Theravada Buddhists, which fills up with…

Cricova Wine Cellars - the largest natural wine storage in the world

Cricova wine cellars in Moldova are the biggest natural wine storage in the world - the visitors can enjoy tasting various wines and marvel at the underground themed wine-tasting complexes.

Grottenbahn - the dragon train into the world of gnomes

Grottenbahn is an underground park with a dragon-headed train taking the visitors on a trip into a magical world of gnomes, dwarves and fairy tale creatures.
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Crocodile Harry's nest in Coober Pedy

Crocodile Harry was a prototype of Mike Dundee from the Crocodile Dundee movie. No wonder - he was a crocodile hunter, and he had the most insane-looking dugout home with various crafts, graffiti, and…
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