There are 18 off the beaten path places tagged curious sculptures:

The salt mines of Khewra

Khewra salt mine in Pakistan was discovered by Alexander the Great's horse, and the mining has been going on since then. This is the second largest salt mine in the world, which takes pride in their…

Electrum - the largest Tesla coil in the world

Electrum is the largest Tesla coil in the world in Kaukapakapa, New Zealand. It is a four-story tall tower, which outputs over 3 million volts.
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De Kattenkabinet

A must for the cat lovers - this museum is dedicated to cats in history and art, and was created by a wealthy Dutchman to preserve a memory of his cat, John Pierpont Morgan.

Kindlifresser - the Child Eater fountain of Bern

In the middle of Bern there is a terrifying Child Eater fountain, the Kindlifresser, which has been scaring children for almost half a century. No one knows what exactly Kindlifresser is though.

Pindaya - the cave of 9,000 Buddhas

Pindaya cave in Myanmar is cramped with various statues of Buddhas up to the ceiling - by now it has about 9000. This is an important place of pilgrimage for Theravada Buddhists, which fills up with…

The Wheel of Time in Budapest

The giant hourglass in Budapest was constructed in 2004, and it stands there to remind us of the times that have passed and of the times yet to come.

The Sundial of Santo Domingo

El Reloj de Sol de Santo Domingo is a sundial in Dominican Republic, which has been precise for centuries - it is entirely made our of metal and has no moving parts.

The strange sculptures in Victoria's Way park

Victoria's Way is a private park in Ireland, dedicated to Alan Turing, which you can enter through a vagina dentata and marvel at the weird sculptures inside.
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Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park

The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada is a man-made wonder of the world, created by Jason de Caires Taylor not only for the artistic purposes, but to preserve the coral reefs from getting affected…
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