There are 8 off the beaten path places tagged folk tale creatures:

Mythical Museum Ramón Elías - the collection of Guarani creatures

Mythical Museum Ramón Elías in Capiata, Paraguay, is a truly unique experience of ancient Guarani folklore. The museum exhibits figures of all kinds of evil and good mythological creatures to…

Chiloé - the magical place at the edge of the world

Chiloé Archipelago is a magical part of Chile, rich in its unique folklore, food, and architecture. There is not much past Chiloé - just Tierra del Fuego and the icy Antarctica. This is quite an off…

Unicorn Cave in Harz

Harz mountains were considered to be a dwelling of the unicorns since the olden days. Even now, people go to the Unicorn cave on Christmas in hopes to see one.

Tampere Moominvalley Art Museum

Moominvalley Art museum in Tampere, Finland is a delight for both children and adults as well. Experience the fairy tale atmosphere of Moomintroll world, the character from Tove Jansson's books.

Álfaskólinn - Icelandic Elf school, Reykjavik

If you are fantasy/mythology enthusiast, this place is definitely for you. Álfaskólinn, the Elf school, studies elves since 1991, will teach you everything you need to know about these mysterious…

Pindaya - the cave of 9,000 Buddhas

Pindaya cave in Myanmar is cramped with various statues of Buddhas up to the ceiling - by now it has about 9000. This is an important place of pilgrimage for Theravada Buddhists, which fills up with…

The gigantic rooster in Darahoa, Vietnam

Darahoa village has a giant concrete rooster standing in the middle, providing water for the entire village and symbolizing love and harmony between K'Ho and Chill people.

Grottenbahn - the dragon train into the world of gnomes

Grottenbahn is an underground park with a dragon-headed train taking the visitors on a trip into a magical world of gnomes, dwarves and fairy tale creatures.
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