There are 13 off the beaten path places tagged ghost towns:

The beautiful radioactive Bikini atoll

Bikini atoll looks amazing from above, but has a grim nuclear past - USA tested 23 bombs in the area, which caused death and disease of the islands' inhabitants, and also served as an inspiration for…

Craco - the medieval ghost town, Italy

Craco is the medieval Italian ghost town on top of the hill, which was abandoned in the 60s due to natural disasters. The streets of Craco are full of history and mystery - a place not to miss on…
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Gornja Lastva - the abandoned village in Montenegro

Gornja Lastva is an abandoned village in Montenegro, near Tivat, that has a magical atmosphere and a lot to explore. You can even rent a villa in this ghost village and enjoy the amazing view to the…
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The mysterious Film City in Qatar

Film City in Zekreet is a bizarre abandoned place - no one knows how and why it was built. It recreates an antique Arab village and was possibly intended to be a film set for an unknown movie.
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