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The domesticated crocodiles of Paga

Paga village locals managed to domesticate crocodiles - they live and bathe side by side, and not one villager (or a croc) has ever been harmed! In fact, the souls of deceased locals are said to live…

The gigantic rooster in Darahoa, Vietnam

Darahoa village has a giant concrete rooster standing in the middle, providing water for the entire village and symbolizing love and harmony between K'Ho and Chill people.

The sunken palace and treasures of Issyk Kul

The multiple legends about the Issyk Kul lake still make historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters wonder what the origins of the ruins beneath the water are and where the treasures are coming…

The valley of the giant jars in Laos

Valley of Jars or the Plain of Jars is full of gigantic jars, weighing up to 6 tons. According to the local legends, the jars belonged to ancient giants.

The Hill of Witches in JuodkrantÄ—

Raganu Kalnas, or the Hill of Witches used to be a place of ancient pagan worship and witches' Sabbaths back in the day. Now it is decorated with wooden sculptures in memory of the past.

Kuklica - the Macedonian valley of the dolls

Kuklica is 120 bizarre stone figures located in eastern Macedonia. There are many legends surrounding these stone pillars, which resemble a petrified wedding party.

Arai Te Tonga - the ancient sanctuary of Rarotonga

Arai Te Tonga is the ancient marae, or a sacred place, on Rarotonga island of Cook archipelago, dating back to 1250 AD. It belonged to the Samoan Makea family and used for various ceremonies,…

Kachikally sacred crocodile pool and museum

Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool in Bakau, Gambia tell you the story of the people and serve as a sacred fertility place. You can do the fertility ritual for a small donation of cash, cloth and a…

World's largest hewn stones of Baalbek Trilithon

Baalbek Trilithon in Lebanon is famous for its unresolved mystery - it contains the largest hewn stones on Earth, weighing 800-1200 tons. Legends say it was the shelter of Cain or the domain of…
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