There are 17 off the beaten path places tagged lost civilizations:

The underwater Bimini road

Discovered underwater in 1968, Bimini road in Bahamas was considered remains of Atlantis. The age of slabs of stone the road was made of was, indeed, about 14,000 years old. Speculations continue,…

Pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush

Little is known of the history of the Kingdom of Kush, or Meroitic Kingdom. Meroitic Kingdom existed between 800 BC to 350 AD on the territory of Sudan, and more than 200 Meroe pyramids still stand…

The beehive tombs of Bat Necropolis, Oman

The Bat necropolis in Oman has not been fully excavated yet, and little is known about the culture that constructed it, however, this is the largest found necropolis from 3BC.

Salinas de Maras, Peru

Today in Salinas de Maras, as well as hundreds of years ago, salt is still being mined. The authors of this original technology are the mysterious Incas.

The mystical Shambala of Mongolia

Shambala is a mystical land of the pure creatures. One of the entrances to this magical place is in Mongolia, Gobi desert.

The mysterious ancient city of Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe was built in the 12th century for unknown reasons, and was abandoned for the unknown reasons as well. There are many mysteries surrounding these amazing ruins that were built by people…

Joya de Ceren - the Mayan Pompeii

Joya de Ceren is the ancient Mayan village, which suffered from two volcanic eruptions and rests beneath 14 layers of ash. However, it is due to the ash temperature and the fast eruption that the…

The grim fortress of Nan Madol

Nan Madol is a mysterious and feared by the locals megalithic structure in Micronesia, the mystery of which has not been solved to this day. No one knows who, why and for what purpose built it, but…
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