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Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Lapa - the area with many hotels, restaurants, bars, themed establishments, nightclubs, discos - everything connected with the night entertainment in Rio.

Farma Čapí hnízdo - the Stork Nest farm in Olbramovice

The Stork Nest farm is situated in Olbramovice, Czech Rep., however it has nothing to do with any kind of bird - it is a horse riding arena and a place for other recreational activities.

Trelleborg - Viking ring fortress

Trelleborg is a massive circular fort built by Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century. Now it's a place of the annual Viking fair in Zealand.

The crocodile shaped house in Abidjan

Thierry Atta lives inside a crocodile shaped house in Cocody neighborhood of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. The house brings lots of joy both to locals and the tourists.
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The mystical Shambala of Mongolia

Shambala is a mystical land of the pure creatures. One of the entrances to this magical place is in Mongolia, Gobi desert.

The UFO landing pad in St.Paul, Alberta

The world's first UFO landing pad is in St.Paul, Alberta. Although aliens haven't landed there yet, there is a museum dedicated to various sightings and alien encounters.

The Iron House of Maputo

Casa de Ferro is, indeed, a unique house, built by Eiffel in Maputo for Mozambique's governor. Although the building looks quite extraordinary, you wouldn't be able to survive in there in the heat of…

The mysterious ancient city of Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe was built in the 12th century for unknown reasons, and was abandoned for the unknown reasons as well. There are many mysteries surrounding these amazing ruins that were built by people…

The House of Mirrors

The House of Mirrors is a work of art by the Italian-born Kuwaiti artist Lidia al-Quattan. It is a mesmerizing journey into the world of mirror art.
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