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The skin cutting ritual

Kaningara tribesmen, living around the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea have a rather bloody initiation ritual for young men, which involves cutting skin with razors to rid them of their mothers' blood…
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Moche Sun and Moon pyramids

Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna are pyramids in Valle de Moche near Trujillo, Peru, built in the Pre-Columbian era by Mochica Indians. Both pyramids have interesting images on their walls, like…

Juju hats - the origins and the fashion craze

Cameroonian Juju hats became an unseparable part of house decor for many, while they used to be worn only by selected members of Bamileke tribes during rituals and ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

Voodoo festival in Benin

The Voodoo Festival in Ouidah, Benin, is an amazing experience of everything voodoo-related, and it's not your westernized voodoo dolls, pins and needles. The festival features Egungun from Benin,…
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The Great Dance of the terrifying Nyau

Nyaus of Malawi hide in the cemeteries, wear scary masks, act like wild animals and can kill people while possessed by an evil spirit. They dance at the funerals and initiations, and their dance is…

Rites of the dead of Tana Toraja

Torajan rites of the dead are one of the most elaborate funeral ceremonies in the world. They involve creating a Tau Tau effigy of the deceased, which is placed above the burial site, and a…

The mudmen of Asaro tribe

The Mudmen of Asaro live outside the village of Goroka in Papua New Guinea and have a bizarre tradition of wearing terrifying mud/clay helmets and trying to look like monsters to ward off the enemy.
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Lysa Hora - the myths and legends of the evil Bald Mountain, Kyiv

Lysa Hora - the Bald, or Barren Mountain, is a place where all kinds of blasphemy, desecration and executions happened through the ages. The mount has a very rich history and is considered to have…

The biggest Voodoo market in the world - Akodessewa, Togo

Akodessewa market in Togo is a place not to miss - this is the largest Voodoo market in the world, and if you have some ailment, there will always be some ground dead animal to cure your disease.
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