There are 15 off the beaten path places tagged satan:

The diabolical depression of Danakil

Danakil is a depression in the north of Ethiopia with eternal lakes of fire, toxic gases, sulfurous waters and merciless heat. Legend has it, that the place was a battlefield of the demons,…

Karlu Karlu, the Devil's Marbles

Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve, located 100km south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, Australia, has huge boulders scattered around, which are called Karlu Karlu and are part of the…
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Zugarramurdi Witch Museum, Spain

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum is the place to learn about witchcraft, sorcery and black magic in Spain - you can learn to perform magic rituals and make potions as well.

Derweze crater - the Door to Hell

Derweze crater was set on fire as a result of an accident, and it keeps burning for over 4 decades, unleashing bursts of hellish flame onto the world.

Musée des Vampires - Vampire museum in Paris

The owner of Musée des Vampires, Jacques Sirgent can tell you many stories of dark past of Paris, vampiric rituals and current superstitions. The museum has more than a 1000 amazing exhibits and is…

The Singing Mountain in Kazakhstan

Singing sands have been a cause of folk superstitions for a long time. The singing dune in Kazakhstan is believed to contain either the bones of Genghis Khan or Satan himself.
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