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The Blue Desert

The Blue Desert is Jean Verame's work of art, commemorating Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement, created in 1980. The monument features giant boulders in the desert painted blue, symbolizing peace.

Juju hats - the origins and the fashion craze

Cameroonian Juju hats became an unseparable part of house decor for many, while they used to be worn only by selected members of Bamileke tribes during rituals and ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

The amazing Ganja bottle house

The bottle house in Ganja, Azerbaijan, was built by Ibrahim Dzhafarov in 1967 out of 48 thousand bottles. Every inch of the construction is decorated with various designs, words and portraits,…
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The museum of Microminiatures in Ordino, Andorra

Museum of Microminiatures in Ordino, Andorra is one of the only two microminiature exhibitions in the world. The exhibits are created by Nikolai Siadristyi - the best microminiaturist in the world.…

Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Dadahaus Cabaret Voltaire museum in Zurich has a collection of weird dada-style objects, a shop and a Duda bar on the second floor, decorated accordingly. Entry to the bar is free, and it's open…
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