The mysterious Film City in Qatar

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Posted on Thu, Nov 06 2014 20:37:26

film city qatarA strange, almost mystical place, appearing suddenly on the horizon hot desert - that's what  Film City is. Whether it is an abandoned village, or a filming location – no one can be sure, because of the complete absence of people in the area. The Film City is located behind a canyon in the desert of the Zekreet peninsula.

Of course, no matter how improbable the story of the emergence of a full-fledged Arab village in the desert could be, there is always a rational explanation for it. Most likely, it was a filming location. Houses, towers, fences, gates, a mosque – all of it together recreates an antique Arabic village, although a completely deserted one. Some say that it was a set for a big Hollywood production or for a native Arab film, or for Qatar's 2022 World Cup video promo.

Walking through the maze of narrow streets gives you a strange, or sometimes a creepy feeling. The only sound you can hear is the wind going through the windows. 

Film City is a truly bizarre and surreal ghost town, the quiet life which is only occasionally violated by the most adventurous travelers.

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