The old village of Tai-O, Hong Kong

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Posted on Tue, Dec 02 2014 13:36:52

If you would like to see a different Hong Kong, go to the island of Lantau, to the ancient village of Tai- O.  This place will impress anyone with its unique atmosphere. There are no skyscrapers, only miniature tin houses, which have deteriorated with time. Lantau Island is located 2 km from the Hong Kong Island. There are two luxury beaches - Pui O and the upper beach Cheung Sha (the longest beach in Hong Kong). The island has an abundance of natural beauty and does not look at all like its modern neighbor Hong Kong. Until recent times, the island has been cut off from the world – the only way you could get there was  by ferry.  Now there is the Sing-Ma bridge, which connects it with the main island.  The only modern part of the island is the new airport, which is considered the most advanced in the world.

Several hundred years ago, Tai-O village was founded by pirates - this was the place where they sold stolen treasures, weapons and tobacco. When the pirates' times have passed, the village got inhabited by illegal immigrants, even today there are people living on the island in cage-like homes. Many people call this village the Venice of Hong Kong, because the local houses are built on stilts over the water, and you can get to them only by boat. The main tourist interest in this old village are tiny street cafes where local fishermen will cook for you their catch of the day, and you have many opportunities to try various fresh seafood.

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