Off the beaten path: Bolivia

Bolivia,one of the wettest zones on the planet with the largest biodiversity, the largest salt deposits and the highest cities in the world - La Paz and Potosi, has a lot to offer for off the beaten path travel. The history and traditions of the indigenous peoples is fascinating - the unusual rituals and customs, the weird witch markets, the legends and stories... Given the amazing landscapes and the presence of 70% species of the animal and plant life known to humankind, the opportunities of exploring the country off the beaten track are never ending - the Moon Valley, the dinosaur tracks, salt mines, plenty of natural and other museums and many other curious places will definitely make an unforgettable experience for the ones who travel to this destination.

The Coca Museum, La Paz

Museo de la Coca in La Paz is a place to find out everything about the coca leaves and its history since 3000 B.C. until now.

Bizarre landscapes of Valle de la Luna

The Moon Valley, or Valle de la Luna, located 10 km from La Paz, Bolivia, has bizarre natural sculptures, craters, mazes of canyons and ice caves, resembling a Lunar landscape. The name is believed to…

Yungas road of death

The Yungas Road is an inseparable part of Bolivia’s life. It links two worlds separated by the mountains – La Paz and Coroico. Yungas Road of Death was the first road for vehicles to connect the…
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