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Salinas Grandes

the Great Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes in northern Argentina. Located 170m above sea level at the foot of the Sierras de Córdoba Mountain range, the salt flats cover 12,000 hectares.
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Boga lake

Boga lake, Bangladesh, is a majestic crystal clear body of water, surrounded by the three highest peaks of the country, massive rocks, bamboo bush and mystical stories. It is believed to be created…
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Kummakivi stone

Kummakivi is a strange giant balancing rock in the south of Finland, which is a very rare natural phenomenon in a famous, but secluded, place. Kummakivi is believed to be a stone placed by giants to…

Devil’s Town

Devil's Town in Serbia is a place that birthed many legends and superstitions due to the weird look of its eroded rocks. Besides the macabre rocks, crimson waters of the nearby springs add to this…

The giant pink slugs

The pink slugs are quite large - 20cm in length and 4-6cm in width invertebrates that were discovered comparatively not so long ago on the peak of Mountain Kaputar, in New South Wales, Australia.
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The Dancing Forest of Curonian Spit

The Dancing, or Drunk Forest in Curonian Spit national park is an interesting and unexplained phenomena - the trees grow twisted, creating loops and spirals with their trunks.

The icy world of Demänovská cave

Demänovská Ice Cave in Slovakia is a cave complex, featuring the colorful Cave of Liberty with its stone flowers and the great temple, and the icy chambers of the Ice Cave itself, decorated with…

Devil's Swimming Pool

Devil's Swimming Pool in Zambia is a natural pool at the edge of Victoria Falls, where you can take a swim and have a unique view of Victoria Falls without worrying about being swept over from the…
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Lake Bled with its medieval castle

Lake Bled, its' castle and church have been an iconic landmark among travelers for a long time, due to its fairy-tale surroundings, medieval atmosphere and utter beauty both in summer and winter.
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