Off the beaten path: Czech Republic

Czech Republic, undoubtedly, has a lot of popular destinations to offer, as much as off the beaten path locations - it has a lot of dark and mysterious periods in its history. Prague was the center for science and alchemy, and there are many other weird facts and places one can find if he takes his travel off the beaten track. If you like to explore the dark side of Prague and you need inspiration, the books of Gustav Meyrink will provide it.

Chamber pot collection, Prague

One of the recently opened attractions in Prague is the chamber pot museum, which is devoted to answering the call of nature. One can see Napoleon's and Lincoln's chamber pots and many other curious…
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Farma Čapí hnízdo - the Stork Nest farm in Olbramovice

The Stork Nest farm is situated in Olbramovice, Czech Rep., however it has nothing to do with any kind of bird - it is a horse riding arena and a place for other recreational activities.

Alchemy museum in Kutna Hora

In the Middle Ages Kutna Hora, Bohemia (Czech rep.), was a popular place crowded by alchemists. The Emperor Rudolf II and wealthy citizens of the place were big fans of the occult science and donated…