There are 18 off the beaten path places tagged black magic:

Cachtice castle of the Blood Countess

Cachtice castle in Slovakia became famous mostly because of its owner, Elizabeth Bathory, or the Blood Countess, who allegedly tortured and killed many virgins and bathed in their blood.

The Devil's bridge in Ardino

The Devil's Bridge in Ardino, Bulgaria is a medieval masterpiece shrouded in mystery. If you want to see the image of Satan, come between 11:00 and noon.

The torture chambers of Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle in Estonia - Whether you are into vampires or a gothic horror novels admirer, you will certainly love this one. Get ready for a ghastly history narration from the heart of Estonia.

The Giant Pentagram in Lisakovsk

The aerial view of Lisakovsk, Kazakhstan, stirred the imagination of many - it had a massive pentagram etched into the surface of our mother Earth. Theories were plenty, but they were quickly proven…

The Black Castle

The Black Castle, or Halshany Castle was built in 1610 in Hrodna Voblast, Belarus, and has many spine-chilling legends about it - cursed graveyards, subterranean churches, the ghosts of Black Monk and…

The ancient sex curse tablet in Cyprus

In the pagan times, curses were engraved into lead tablets while the words of the curse were being spoken. In 2008, an ancient sex curse was discovered on a lead tablet among the ruins of the kingdom…

The diabolical depression of Danakil

Danakil is a depression in the north of Ethiopia with eternal lakes of fire, toxic gases, sulfurous waters and merciless heat. Legend has it, that the place was a battlefield of the demons,…

Alchemy museum in Kutna Hora

In the Middle Ages Kutna Hora, Bohemia (Czech rep.), was a popular place crowded by alchemists. The Emperor Rudolf II and wealthy citizens of the place were big fans of the occult science and donated…

Chiloé - the magical place at the edge of the world

Chiloé Archipelago is a magical part of Chile, rich in its unique folklore, food, and architecture. There is not much past Chiloé - just Tierra del Fuego and the icy Antarctica. This is quite an off…
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