Off the beaten path: Georgia

Georgia is full of glorious history, breathtaking landscapes and amazing wine, which has been produced from around 8000 B.C. Georgians are a nation in itself, it still hasn't been confirmed which other nation they connect ethnically to. There are plenty of the destinations for the lovers of off the beaten path travel - places to learn the unusual Georgian traditions, to explore ancient ruins, mountains and cave monasteries, see the museum of Stalin, and of course, to taste the real Georgian wine.

Uplistsikhe - the ancient pagan cave city

Uplistsikhe is an ancient Georgian pagan city, which was carved directly in the rocks. It is hard to believe what human hands were able to achieve in those ancient days.

The birthplace and museum of Stalin in Gori

Gori, Georgia, is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, where you can visit the house of the leader, see an extensive collection of personal photos, documents, belongings and gifts, and have a look inside…
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