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Kome Cave Dwellings in Lesotho

The Kome Caves in Lesotho is a Natural Heritage site with peculiar houses built out of the cow dung and mud inside the caves, still inhabited by the friendly locals, whose ancestors relocated to this…

Actun Tunichil Muknal cave

Actun Tunichil Muknal is a cave near San Ignacio in Belize, also known as ATM cave was considered the domain of the Lords of Xibalba, and translates as "Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre". The cave has…

Ghar dalam cave

Ghar Dalam Cave belongs to Malta’s oldest prehistoric sites, having plenty of prehistoric stuff on display - the remains of Ice Age animals, dwarf elephants, micro-mammals, human bones and…
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The mysterious Davelis cave in Greece

The Davelis Cave, not far from Athens, in Greece, is one of the most mysterious places, surrounded by superstition. The sinister reputation of the cave, which used to serve as a hideout for thieves,…

St Agatha and St Paul catacombs

Rabat has a large underground catacomb area, with multiple sarcophagi and frescoes on the walls. The catacombs are named after St.Agatha and St.Paul, who spent time in ancient Malta.
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The icy world of Demänovská cave

Demänovská Ice Cave in Slovakia is a cave complex, featuring the colorful Cave of Liberty with its stone flowers and the great temple, and the icy chambers of the Ice Cave itself, decorated with…

The evil cave of the White Shaman

Kashkulakskaya cave is located in the north of the Khakassia republic in Eastern Siberia, and is recognized as one of the scariest places on the planet. Locals call it the cave of Black Devil or the…

The forbidden Kingdom of Lo

Upper Mustang, Nepal, is one of the remotest places on Earth, formerly called the Kingdom of Lo, which perfectly preserved its ancient heritage, unique culture and Bön religion.

Cave of Swallows - the largest cave shaft in the world

The Cave of Swallows, or Sotano de las Golodrinas in Mexico is the largest cave shaft in the world inhabited by thousands of birds. Descending into the cave is not for the faint of heart - many a…
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