Off the beaten path: North Korea

North Korea, the land of glorious leaders, where the time starts with Kim Il Sung's date of birth, where they have their own Godzilla - Pulgasari, where election ballots list only one candidate, is an off the beaten path destination and a very curious one. Although the regime in the country is weird, you can take plenty of tours accompanied by a government minder, and you will definitely be impressed by the amount of monuments, variety of museums, unusual abandoned places due to lack of interest or electricity, and pretty nature.

The International Friendship Exhibition of North Korea

The fact that North Korea has an International Friendship Exhibition might seem a bit absurd due to the country's purposeful isolation from the rest of the world. From the other hand, the ones who…

The Ryugyong hotel

Ryugyong Hotel, dubbed Hotel of Doom, is an unfinished pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its construction started in 1987 and was never completed, resulting in the skyscraper ghost…