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Art for the sake of Su: Burkina Faso, Kassena people

Kassena became isolated as an ethnic group in the 20th century and are characterized by their own traditions, culture, and outstanding intricately decorated houses honoring the god Su. The most…

Monks, Monkeys and Nats of Taung Kalat monastery

Mount Popa with its Taung Kalat monastery is truly a place of wonder. Standing on a volcanic plug, the monastery hosts aggressive monkeys, spirits called Nats, numerous shrines and occasional Yetis.…

March of the Lame Devils in La Vega

The signature character of the carnaval in La Vega, Dominican Republic, is the Lame Devil - Diablo Cojuelo. In February, you can see limping devils with their elaborate masks, running through the…
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Maka Indians

Maka Indians, living in a reservation near Asuncion, Paraguay, are believed to be the closest to native South American Indians. A curious fact about them is that their national hero is a Russian Juan…
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Tengzug shrines of Tallensi

Tallensi people of Tongo in Northern Ghana have colorful traditions and interesting shrines. The main shrine in Tengzug requires a pilgrim to enter topless and witness the ritual sacrifice, if the…


Maximon is a product of Mayan folklore and Catholic teachings - he is a smoking, drinking and womanizing saint, revered by the descendants of Mayans in Guatemala, and hated by the church. Maximon's…

The Baby-Jumping (El Colacho ) Festival

Would you like to see one of the oddest celebrations ever? Welcome to Burgos in Spain 60 days after Easter during the village’s religious festival.
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Aghori - the holy cannibals of Shiva

Aghori are a Shaiva sect of sadhus in India, the representatives of which can be found around cremation grounds, because they eat human flesh, cover themselves with ashes and perform strange practices…
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Kalash people

Kalash are indigenous people living in the Chitral District of Pakistan, right next to Afghanistan border. This unique tribe managed to preserve their Indo-European roots and pagan traditions right in…
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