Off the beaten path: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean, the teardrop of India, the tea capital of the world, one of the most revered Buddhist places and one of the possible locations of Garden of Eden, is an ideal destination to travel to all year round for everyone including off the beaten path travelers. There is a vast variety of things to do and to see in this country - the sacred Buddhist relics and temples, amazing and weird festivals, Sigiriya - the 8th wonder of the world, staying in an elephant villa, eating unusual and yummy foods, learning about the traditions, and many many more.

The Temple of Buddha's Tooth in Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka, houses Buddha's canine tooth since 371 AD. The tooth is kept in seven jeweled caskets, resting on a throne upon a lotus in a shrine fronted by elephant…