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Monks, Monkeys and Nats of Taung Kalat monastery

Mount Popa with its Taung Kalat monastery is truly a place of wonder. Standing on a volcanic plug, the monastery hosts aggressive monkeys, spirits called Nats, numerous shrines and occasional Yetis.…

March of the Lame Devils in La Vega

The signature character of the carnaval in La Vega, Dominican Republic, is the Lame Devil - Diablo Cojuelo. In February, you can see limping devils with their elaborate masks, running through the…
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Maximon is a product of Mayan folklore and Catholic teachings - he is a smoking, drinking and womanizing saint, revered by the descendants of Mayans in Guatemala, and hated by the church. Maximon's…

The Baby-Jumping (El Colacho ) Festival

Would you like to see one of the oddest celebrations ever? Welcome to Burgos in Spain 60 days after Easter during the village’s religious festival.
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The ancient ruins of Jerash

Jerash is an ancient city, which dates back to the Neolithic period. The city went through Roman, Byzantine and Arab reigns, and the traces of each culture got well preserved because of massive…

Yule goat burning in Sweden

The giant straw Yule goats in Sweden suffer a terrible fate most of the time - they are being burned, thrown in the water and vandalized by the citizens that are playing this weird game with the local…
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Lake Bled with its medieval castle

Lake Bled, its' castle and church have been an iconic landmark among travelers for a long time, due to its fairy-tale surroundings, medieval atmosphere and utter beauty both in summer and winter.

The forbidden Kingdom of Lo

Upper Mustang, Nepal, is one of the remotest places on Earth, formerly called the Kingdom of Lo, which perfectly preserved its ancient heritage, unique culture and Bön religion.

Bamboo pipe organ

Bamboo organ in Las Piñas, Philippines, is the only organ made out of bamboo in the world. It was created by a Spanish priest Diego Cera in the beginning of the 19th century and is still being played…
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