Off the beaten path: Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast land filled with unexplored places and mysteries. Its desert, Gobi, used to be a sea and now there are many fossils lie exposed. Roy Chapman Andrews made the first discovery of dinosaur eggs there, and his exploits were an inspiration for creation of Indiana Jones. It is a land of Genghis Khan, snow leopards, throat singing, interesting culture and unusual creatures. The amount of off the beaten path destinations is immense - there are many weird tracks to follow and phenomena to explore. Traveling in Mongolia is definitely an outstanding experience.

The mystical Shambala of Mongolia

Shambala is a mystical land of the pure creatures. One of the entrances to this magical place is in Mongolia, Gobi desert.

Olgoi-Khorkhoi - Red Mongolian Deathworm

Besides being beautiful and mysterious, Gobi desert is claimed to be the habitat of Olgoi Khorkhoi - the Red Mongolian Deathworm. Whether this elusive worm is real or not, it is interesting to learn…
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