Off the beaten path: Malaysia

Malaysia has the largest flower in the world (Raflesia), the largest carnivorous plant (Nepenthe Rajah). the largest leaf, the largest insect eggs due to its tropical climate. For the ones who like to travel off the beaten path there are plenty of possibilities of getting lost in the jungle, climbing the mountain Kinabalu or exploring the beaches. For off the beaten track urban destinations there are plenty of weird museums and unusual sites within the city, like Sarawak museum or the Museum of Beauty.

Nepenthes Raja - the giant Malaysian plant

Nepenthes Rajah is the largest carnivorous pitcher plant in the world. There is a hypothesis that the plant evolved due to the feces of the shrews, which like to live nearby.
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Museum of Enduring Beauty

The Museum of Enduring Beauty in Malacca, Malaysia, shows different interpretations of beauty across cultures of the world - scarification, teeth filling, neck and lip stretching, head molding, foot…